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            Update:2019-9-2 16:09:57

            SamplerMore > >    

            Update:2018-3-12 8:44:21
            1. Responsible for receiving customer's test commission contract and test sample, and carefully checking whether the customer's commission agreement and test sample are complete.
            2. Responsible for the registration and management of the samples that have been received, do a good job of identifying the uniqueness of the samples, and do a good job in the commissioning agreement and the transfer of test samples and testing personnel.
            3. Responsible for the issuance of test reports.
            4. Assist financial personnel in collecting inspection fees.
            5. Responsible for receiving customer's complaints and reporting them to the person in charge.
            6, responsible for customer satisfaction survey.

            Job Requirements:
            1, good temperament, age 25-36 years old;
            2, strong sense of service, strong sense of responsibility, skilled use of computer office software;
            3, have good coordination ability, communication skills, have affinity;
            4. The working experience of experimental testing agencies is given priority.

            Customer serviceMore > >    

            Update:2018-3-12 8:43:11
            1. Conduct external quotation and consultation reply;
            2. Group samples and make quotations and invoices;
            3, follow-up test process, follow the reminder report;
            4. Coordinating customer relationships, nurturing important customers, handling customer complaints or complaints;
            5, coordinate the departments and laboratories to complete the test;
            6, make a variety of document forms, management data documents.

            Job Requirements:
            1. School degree or above, requiring major in science and engineering;
            2, more than 2 years of relevant work experience;
            3, meticulous work, with good communication skills and organizational coordination;
            4. Enthusiastic, active, active, cheerful and lively;
            5, strong sense of responsibility, self-discipline, with team spirit;

            Textile inspectorMore > >    

            Update:2018-3-12 8:40:04
            1. Responsible for personnel assessment, adjustment and assignment within the laboratory;
            2. Systematic planning of the work of the laboratory, formulation of corresponding goals, supervision and implementation;
            3. Coordinating personnel and related departments' training work, responsible for the performance assessment of laboratory personnel;
            4, organize the preparation, review and approval of documents suitable for their own characteristics, including technical documents, operating standards.

            Job Requirements
            1. Should be familiar with all relevant accreditation requirements of CNAS;
            2. It has the technical title of intermediate or above (including intermediate level) in the profession;
            3, bachelor degree or above;
            4, English basis;
            5. Third-party laboratory work experience is preferred.

            Various departments inspection engineersMore > >    

            Update:2018-3-2 9:43:42

            1. Test samples according to standards or customer requirements;

            2. Assist department heads and technical responsible persons in developing new test methods, make original records of the items in charge of inspection, and conduct data analysis and collate and prepare complete test reports, and be responsible for analyzing the test results and the data provided.

            3, the correct use of laboratory testing equipment, instruments, consumables and reference materials, maintenance of the laboratory environment;

            4, Familiar with the relevant provisions of ISO17025, with a serious and positive attitude.

            Job Requirements:

            1. College degree or above, related major (mechanical/electromechanical, etc.)

            2. More than one year of related work experience, able to independently implement related test items and provide reliable test results, familiar with third-party testing workflow and ISO17025 quality system;

            3, skilled English literacy;

            4, can be skilled in the operation of the relevant testing equipment;

            5, familiar with common office software;

            6. Careful and rigorous work, strong sense of responsibility, listening to work arrangements, and teamwork.

            Equipment EngineerMore > >    

            Update:2018-3-2 9:45:57
            1. Organize the acceptance of new laboratory equipment, establish equipment files, and do a good job of equipment account and usage records;
            2. Follow up the development and implementation of traceability plans, equipment operation work instructions and maintenance work instructions;
            3. Develop equipment calibration plans and period verification plans to follow up on the implementation of verification during the equipment period;
            4, arrange equipment calibration and maintenance;
            5. Follow up the development and implementation of the equipment maintenance plan
            6. Statistics, analysis and improvement of equipment utilization and comprehensive efficiency;
            7. Do a good job of equipment procurement, and provide guidance and training for equipment professionals to use equipment expertise.

            Job Requirements:
            1. College degree or above, major in electromechanics;
            2. Familiar with laboratory related equipments and equipments, experience in equipment management, maintenance and repair is preferred;
            3, skilled use of office software;
            4. Strong workmanship and meticulous work;
            5, independent work ability and strong learning ability
            6. Good communication and coordination skills.

            Customer Service SpecialistMore > >    

            Update:2018-2-24 16:25:11

            1. Conduct external quotation and consultation reply;

            2. Group samples and make quotations and invoices;

            3 Follow up the test process, follow the reminder report;

            4. Coordinating customer relationships, nurturing important customers, handling customer complaints or complaints;

            5. Coordinating all departments and laboratories to complete the test;

            6, make a variety of document forms, management data documents.

            Job Requirements:

            1. College degree or above, requiring major in science and engineering;

            2. More than 2 years relevant work experience;

            3, English 4 and above;

            4, meticulous work, with good communication skills and organizational coordination;

            5. Enthusiastic, active, active, and outgoing;

            6, Strong sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and team spirit;

            7, skilled use of office software;

            8, good customer service awareness.

            Technical Director (Technical Director/Authorized Signer)More > >    

            Update:2018-3-2 9:47:31
            1. Responsible for communication and exchanges in laboratory technology, and organize and handle technical issues raised by customers;
            2. Responsible for approving the selection, formulation, deviation and confirmation of testing methods (including non-standard methods), and presiding over the assessment of the testing methods to be confirmed;
            3. The format of the organization's design test report and periodic inspection of the report;
            4. Responsible for the preparation of the new testing project, conducting the trial operation work, and being responsible for the evaluation of the testing capability of the new testing project;
            5. Responsible for the results of the experiment, manage the test report, and do a good job of data review;
            6. Technical guidance for the engineers and technicians of the laboratory, training of technical capabilities, guidance on the use of analytical instruments, training guidance for experimental analysis, and handling of abnormalities in the detection process;
            7. Perform other tasks assigned by the leaders at the higher level.

            Job Requirements:
            1, 30 years of age or above, relevant professional undergraduate or higher education, specialist needs 8 years of relevant work experience;
            2. Having more than 5 years relevant technical work experience in the industry (if there is no relevant professional undergraduate degree, it should have at least 10 years of relevant testing work experience);
            3, with the professional title and above technical titles or equivalent;
            4, English level 4 or above;
            5, the work of a rational, careful and serious;
            6, independent work ability and strong learning ability
            7. Good communication and coordination skills.

            Project EngineerMore > >    

            Update:2018-3-2 9:41:03

            1, according to the customer's test requirements or test standards, develop test plans.

            2. Arrange tests according to customer requirements and issue Chinese/English reports

            3. Provide technical support to frontline personnel such as the market or customer service.

            4. Develop and lead new laboratory testing capabilities and areas, track and report test progress;

            5, test process, document preparation

            6, responsible for the test department management, and supervision;

            7. Management of personnel, scheduling, procedures, etc. of the testing department, recruitment and training of department personnel;

            Job Requirements:

            1, related work experience more than three years;

            2. College degree or above, majoring in science, (such as liberal arts major needs to engage in more than 10 years of work experience in the industry);

            3, English 4 or above;

            4. Strong workmanship, with prioritized laboratory experience;

            5, independent work ability and strong learning ability;

            6, good communication and coordination skills.

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